February 02, 2011

lonesome town.

I'm pretty lonely, today, and while it's not a new thing it's just settling into my bones a bit more than what I'd like it too. I feel like it is my fault for becoming this way (it is, hermitage is something you let happen through laziness and apathy), but, I don't know. I'd just like to connect again with someone else, but it's hard.

Agoraphobia and Generation X issues aside, all this lonesomeness has forced me to really get into my painting, to sort of create something for myself to do during the day (as opposed to lying there listlessly and watching tv/eating/napping/getting fattier and less intelligent, or more so, I can't decide). Right now I'm humming over a choice in fabric pattern for one of my little girls - she's blonde and fair and needs colours that suit but I'm just not sure. Something blue, maybe? White and blue, with flowers (because flowers are always nice).

I haven't decided on names yet for these two. Something cutesy, and old-world. Margaret, Maggie and... Ivy? Irene, Rennie. Maggie and Rennie. That could work.

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