February 23, 2011

undisclosed desires.

I have hit a proverbial wall today - yesterday, I had finished and tidied the print with the little girl and all the blue I'd been working on, and posted it, but... I don't know. It felt wrong and it looked wrong though I couldn't name it.

Added to that, my printer keeps printing the thing out with blacker darks than I show... so I tinkered around and made the whites really white, which now washes out the whole scene. My dad loved it, but thinks the girl's white nightgown needs colour, like pink, but... I don't know. I didn't want an obvious pink like that in this one, I wanted it to be very blue and white and it is, but too much so. I might redraw it. I really don't want to. But I think to be completely happy, I'm going to have to redraw and repaint that sucker.

I hate how I do that. Get a niggling feeling, or so, like some small, annoying tic and then BAM! Congratulations mofo, you're gonna be completely restless (and unhappy) with this one, tiny thing that you cannot even name.


Plus, the printer issue is annoying. It's not bad, like, ugly or anything - it just seems to be a few select colours that come out darker than they are and... I don't like it. They're too strong, and I don't know how to set the printer to print exactly what I'm asking to. sdfjkhjsdhfkjshdfkjh. (< that's me "angry mindless typing", by the way)

To get my mind off it, and so I can come back too the blue/white pic refreshed, I'm working on another picture, a simpler one, and then I might do the bookclub Chocolat one that I was meant to before Feb ended (dskjfhsdkjfhjksdhfk <more angry mindless typing).

I don't know. I do not know. Sigh.

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