February 13, 2011

take me to the riot.

I've been painting (again) and not sleeping (again), which means I have dark bags under my eyes (again - but they're so frequent now I don't even notice).

I've had a good weekend. Yesterday, for example, I bought a couple of books - they were on ~special~, and one was the first in a series I promised myself I'd read this year, and the other the book that a movie I want to see was based on (seeing that movie may or may not be because of the lead actor. He is my Ideal Blond Man - the one all other Blond Men are measured against). Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and I Am Number Four. I finished Percy yesterday - the book is sort of thick, but it's a light read, being written for children.

I couldn't resist it, though. My friend loves the series, and I love Greek Mythology, and, suprisingly, I find it a bit sad. There's a lot of death and infidelity, the kind of topics that are glossed over in book but leave a kind of... wait, what? impression afterwards. At least, for me - I'm the kind of reader that over thinks things, though. Riordan versed up nicely on his legends, though I don't believe it's truly Greek until someone unwittingly marries their mother. Still, I love Percy. He's delightfully jerk-y.

I haven't started I Am Number Four yet, though I did peek in it/flip to the end (that is a habit I have had all my life, and I refuse to apologize for it. How else will I know that I'm going to like the story if I don't know the ending?). I like how it's written - short, precise sentences. "I am walking. I see Jane. We say hello, and I think, her sweater is very red." it's like that, only better and more interesting.

So, apart from the new reading material, yesterday was also amazing because I made my first sales. :) My aunts, the sneaky things - they sent me lovely, encouraging little messages too, I just thought, I'm so grateful it was them first. They're loving, amazing people and overly generous, and I love them.

Where am I going with these drawings? I don't know. Starting the store is enough, really, after years of brushing off "you should do something with your art". It was one of my resolutions; you know, those things everyone makes and then never keeps. I don't think I've ever kept mine.

I just want to do more this year. Which is why I'm signing up for netball tomorrow afternoon. At least, I hope I will be - if I can find the court, hahaha. Shedding one or two or five of these spare tyres I have around my waist would be nice - especially since I have two very pretty, very lovely dresses that I would really like to fit into one day. You know, before the world ends in 2012, due to the zombie apocalypse.

What else, what else? I don't think I'm good with shopping online - I'm such an implusive buyer. And on etsy, there's so many pretty things that I see and think, Oh Lordy, give me the strength not to click checkout. It's things like rosaries, brooches of rabbits with wings, lockets with moonstones in the middle, trinket boxes, paper roses. I just need to stay. away. Besides, at the end of the day, the things I do need - my Australian Citizenship, Netball fees, Copic Markers, a bookcase (oh please, I need that 135x135 ikea bookcase, it would fit PERFECTLY in my room) - I need to save up for.

Plus, I keep a wishlist of all the items I'm certain I really, really want (and it's mainly books, books, books). I'd much rather subtract from it, instead of add.

Materialistic shamelessness over, and back to the art. I printed out the pictures bought yesterday, and cut and tidied them all today.

They're printed on matte paper, so that shinniness you see are the bags I bought for them. :) I'm sending them out tomorrow to their new home, so I thought I'd take the picture for pros-ter-it-y. I can't spell that word, but you know. The one that means "growth" and "good fortune" and so on.

The pictures really do come out in milky colours, like the name. I think I may have to mention that in the listings.

I'm working on another painting, one that I'll probably list in the store. This one is dear to my heart because while all my tiny people have stories and names, I have been living with this girl under my skin for a good half year. One day, when I grow up, I'm going to do something real with her - make a comic, write a book, I don't know. Her world is a collaborative effort with my best friends, so, we'll see.

This is her, though, unfinished. She's been aged down for the picture and the White Meadow theme - here she's still a baby, though when the adventure really starts, she's eighteen.

A print from the store was featured in another treasury - this one was scrumptous.

The Secret Garden - Vintage Victorian Themed Gifts, created by mdcreated. I love collections like these; it's so hard to visualize how a piece might look, and things like this just sort of give me a feel for how that stack of books or that locket might end up looking here at home, if I ever bought them.

I should probably sleep. I've been carefully hunching over my sketchbook, though - I know this drive will stay with me until I get somewhere decent. It always does.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my site & your kind words about my art.
    You works are lovely :)

  2. It was my pleasure. :) They're so cute, and happy, lol. Thank you so much for yours.