February 19, 2011

you know i'm no good.

This is how I feel right now. I have an ear-ache that could crumple a harden vet. I went to a doctor yesterday and he just poked it and then sent me on my way with thing of ear-drops (which smell like dried flowers and burn like all holy hell). I've been eating nurofen like it's going out of fashion - it hasn't helped much, so I switched over to my dad's "don't drive on this stuff" panadine (or something) painkillers and they are nice. They numb everything. Thank God for modern science and mold or whatever they made things things from.

So, mostly, I've been sleeping. I've had this ear infection badly for about... four days now and if I'm not sleeping I'm sitting on my bed holding the side of my head praying for a bolt of lightning to strike me dead or a tree to crash through or that zombie apocalypse to happen (that is, until I got ahold of Daddy's drugs).

I'm sort of hoping this will clear up (or at least be managable) by Monday - I've got to get into town and pay the phone bill. And then get the fornight's groceries. I'm also meant to be working on getting my learner's licence but... I have not. There's a practise test I sometimes look at online, but come crunchtime it's just so... gross. And confusing. Like the question about "Which way do you turn when you're at a four-way intersection and Car B is turning across from you and next to you Car C is turning left, but you're turning right but Car D is coming straight ahead" and it's like, ugh, you know what, when I'm on the road I'll just close my eyes and take my chances (which is my number one reason why I should not be given any sort of driving allowing piece of laminated paper ever).

All this hollering about my ear aside, I haven't painted much (it HURTS!), and I've only just picked up the paintbrush again today. Including the picture I'm working on now, I have about three ideas that I'd like to get up within the next week or so. A friend of mine bought a couple of prints on Tuesday, and mentioned she'd like to see a bit of variety - like, gothic-y things like vampires and goth fairies and whatnot and it's sort of kicked my imagination into overdrive. I'm not sure how I'd make Twilight-esqe vampires work with the whole "children" theme, but I do have a ~gothic-y~ idea that I've been wanting to work with for awhile... something Tim Burton-ish, but inspired by Percy Jackson, that's probably the best example I can give.

Maybe with a bit of Shakespeare too.

My Aunts have suggested a bit more in product variety - like greeting cards. And honestly, I would do it, I would, but I just don't know how to make them look and feel professional. Like, without that creased, gross "this was folded over by a complete newb" look. Plus I'm not sure what kind of paper - or cardboard - to use. Normal cardboard doesn't print the pictures prettily enough, plus is sort of flimsy, whereas the matte photo paper I use for my prints has the prettiness, and the sturdiness, but I just can't fold it nicely.

So, yeah. Not sure what to do. I've read about pre-cut card stock so we'll look into that.

Speaking of Etsy, I was featured in another Treasury - this one was all pink, my absolute favourite colour.

Isn't it pretty?

Ahh dear. My ear is caning again. :(

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