February 10, 2011

purple rain.

This is probably old hat to other Etsy users, but I was featured in my first Treasury today, by JoolsToDroolOver. It was for Internation Team members (which I joined this morning), and had a lovely sort of lilac/mauve theme going.

Unfortunately, I couldn't screencap the entire thing, so there's two rows missing. :( But I really like that headband next to Goodnight - it's the sort of thing that'd look good in my hair, lmao, egotisical I know, but I need to pay the bills tomorrow so no spending, ick. (edit from the future, 15/2; I was linked to a handy widget-making tool that can show the entire treasury, by JDWolfePottery. She's lovely. :) )

I felt inspired today to make a playlist for the theme/feel of White Meadow, but it's sort of hard to pin down songs that I think fit perfectly. That or I just have horrible taste, lmao. Ah dear.

For dinner I ended up "cooking" pizza, fresh from Pizzahut. ;) Theeeen... I sat and watched the new StarTrek movie, all the while constantly asking dad, "Where's Picard, I thought the captain was Picard, What's Jim's last name, Where's the Scottish Guy, Why's Spork or Spoke or Whatever his name is captain, Why is Jim such a jerk," etc, etc.

My dad didn't have a clue,  lmao.

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